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We accommodate our patients at the earliest possible appointment matching their schedule.

At NGNC, our goals are early detection of Kidney Disease and preventing/slowing its progression to avoid dialysis, if at all possible.

  • We believe that patient empowerment is an essential element of achieving these goals, thus, we proactively share our knowledge of this disease and lifestyle changes that can prevent disease progression to patients.

  • We understand that being diagnosed with a new disease can be nerve-racking, as such, our team of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and office staff all work together to ensure that all patients’ questions and concerns are addressed fully and in a timely manner.

  • We know that without the patients’ help, any treatment will not be successful; hence, we use an approach where our patients are part of the healthcare team. We constantly work with patients in coming up with a treatment regimen that is meaningful to each patient’s needs and lifestyle.

  • We recognize that communication is key in providing quality patient care; thus we ensure constant communication, not only with the patients, but also with all referring physicians.

  • If and when dialysis cannot be avoided, we offer our patients with different dialysis modalities and have them pick one that best suits them. We work together with different dialysis units in Athens, Monroe, Royston and Loganville and will be happy to refer patients to a center that is most convenient to them.
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